Car Hire Oslo Gardermoen Airport

The main airport in Oslo is the Gardermoen Airport; it is also the second busiest one in the Nordic countries. Both domestic and international flights use it as a main hub. Widerøe, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Scandinavian Airlines are the main carriers that service this airport. In addition to this, there are 27 European, 25 domestic and 5 intercontinental destinations that use it as a connection point. Gardermoen Airport greets more than 15 million travellers annually, making it the sixty busiest European domestic airport.

Finding transportation at the airport is not difficult. It has the world's highest concentration of public transport, at a rate of 60%. Public buses, serviced by the local authority named Ruter, run through the airport, as well as the Norwegian State Railways. There are several connection train lines that service other locations in the city, making it easy to return to the airport also. Located under the airport, along with several connection lines, is a rail line that serves as transportation between terminals. The Oslo Airport Express Coach is one of the most popular express bus lines that stops at the airport. There are many others that run through there and stop at several other destinations throughout Norway. Three separate Taxi companies service Gardermoen Airport regularly. Popular international rental car companies have convenient airport offices, making it easy to rent cars. To return to the airport with a rental car, simply take the E6 to exit RV 174; follow the signs to the correct terminals. Car parks are open 24 hours each day. International travellers planning to rent a vehicle should always carry an international driver's license and major credit card.

Within the airport, there are restrooms, charge stations for electronic devices, wireless internet access, handicap assistance services and several shops. Food, beverages, gifts and other travel necessities can be purchased. Those who require additional assistance must notify airline personnel upon check-in at the ticket desk. International travellers should arrive at least two hours before their flight departure to ensure there is time to go through customs. Domestic travellers are also advised to arrive two hours early, as security lines may be long at times. The closest airport hotel belonging to an international chain is the Radisson Blu, which is only about 100 meters from the airport.