Car Hire Sandefjord Airport

Norway Sandefjord Airport The Norway Sandefjord Airport is an international airport and is one of the best low cost airports in Norway. It is located to the northeast of Sandefjord, about 4 miles. In addition, it is about 114 km south of Oslo, Norway. This airport is also referred to as Oslo-Torp.

The airport does provide service to a limited number of domestic locations. These locations are Bergen, Stavanger, Bodo, Tromso, and Trondheim.

There are multiple owners of the Norway Sandefjord Airport. The major owner of this airport is Sandefjord Lufthavn AS. However, this company is owned and operated by a group of private investors, as well as the municipalities of Sandefjord and Stokke and Vestfold County.

There are various amenities available for passengers at the Norway Sandefjord Airport. Passengers have access to various ATM's throughout the airport, as well as free access to wireless internet.

On the far side of the terminal, passengers can choose to use a taxi service for transportation. Passengers also have access to Sandefjord Airport Station, which is a train station at the airport. This train station is located on Vestfold Line. The train station offers train service for regional locations in Norway. Some of the most popular locations are Lillehammer and Oslo Central Station. Hourly trains are offered by this train station, as well as rush hour stations for passengers in a hurry.

There is a shuttle bus that also runs throughout the Sandefjord Airport. To travel between terminals at the airport takes about four minutes. A coach bus service is also offered by the airport. This service is called the Torp Expressen. The bus travels to Oslo and works in conjunction with the flights offered by Ryanair and Wizz Air. It takes approximately 2 hours to travel to Oslo from the Sandefjord Airport.

Six major airlines are offered for passengers at the Norway Sandefjord Airport. These six airlines are KLM, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Ryanair, Wideroe, Wizz Air, and Wizz Air Ukraine. Each airline offers modest prices for passengers. KLM travels only to Amsterdam, while Ryanair travels to plenty of destinations. Ryanair travels to Bergamo, Alicante, Liverpool, and Hahn. Wizz Air travels to various locations in Poland, such as Warsaw. Wideroe travels to Copenhagen and a few other destinations.

Overall, the airport is very safe and has one of the largest maintenance staffs out of any airport in Norway. This is an easy to use airport for passengers.