Car Hire Trondheim Airport

Trondheim Airport is also referred to as Vaernes Airport. Trondheim Airport is located in mid-Norway, and it is specifically located at 35KM East of Trondheim. Every year, over 3.4 million passengers select to use Norway Trondheim Airport. The airport serves both a joint military and civilian base, and it has a specific portion designated for military use only.

For those travelling from Trondheim to Trondheim Airport, a bus service regularly travels between the two about every 15 minutes throughout the week. People may also wish to travel using the train service located directly across from Norway Trondheim Airport. Trains come and go from the station about every hour, and they travel between the airport and various locations in Trondheim. There are also plenty of taxis available for service around the Trondheim Airport.

One may also wish to use the bus service available at the Norway Trondheim Airport. The Airport Coach makes stops 4 times every hour at the Norway Trondheim Airport and travels to the centre of the city. The bus service also stops at all of the major hotels in the downtown portion of Trondheim.

There are three hotels available for use in the Norway Trondheim Airport. One hotel that passengers may wish to use is the Radisson Blu. Another hotel is the Rica Hell Hotel. There is also a duty free store available in the airport.

There are plenty of restaurants and amenities available in Trondheim Airport. If one needs access to an ATM, there are three of them located throughout the airport. There are also three gift shops and restaurants available for the public. The Trondheim Airport also offers access to conference rooms for business professionals who may need access to such a room.

There are three major airlines available at the Trondheim Airport. One major airline is Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). Another airline available is Norwegian Air Shuttle. Widoroe is the last and most popular airline at this airport. The last two airlines mentioned focus on travelling between Scandinavian locations, while the others have a more international focus.

Two terminals make up the Trondheim Airport. These terminals are simply called Terminal A and Terminal B. Combined, these terminals make up 165,000 square feet of passenger facilities. For travelling amongst domestic locations, passengers use Terminal A. For travelling amongst international locations, passengers use Terminal B. Typically, most people use this airport to travel to domestic locations in Norway.